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Democracy and Dealing with Right-wing Populism

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First some quotes from two recent articles in the Sydney Morning Herald (my highlighting):

From Jacqueline Maley (‘Climate courage bleached by outbreaks of populism’, SMH 10-11/12/2016, p. 31):

Research by Roberto Foa and Yascha Mounk end 2016 finds a disturbing trend : ‘over time, in all liberal democracies including Australia, openness to the idea of military rule has grown, the number of people who think a democratic system is ‘bad’ has grown, support for the concept of civil rights is less, and fewer people express an interest in politics. This trend is especially pronounced in young people, so-called Millennials.’

From Waleed Aly (‘The cycle of cynicism may prove worthless’, SMH 23/12/2016, p. 18):

‘We’re clearly in an anti-incumbent cycle. More than that, we’re in an anti-establishment cycle. That has a profound meaning, though – we’re railing not just against major parties or certain politicians. We’re railing against anything that might count as an institution: politicians, business, unions, the media. Even democracy is no longer safe: perhaps the most startling statistic in ANU’s survey is that only 60 per cent of us are prepared to say we’re satisfied with it. What we often overlook, though, is that there is a broader culture of scepticism that has accompanied this, and which spans several orientations. […]