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Creating Another World

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How do we create another world?

One way to consider is to build another world on-line that reflects our core values & has the functionality that people need & want.

The likes on Google & Facebook attempt to provide this & their motivation for doing so is purely profit. Can we rival them with a not-for-profit alternative?

A few month ago I would have thought such a challenge to be unrealistic. But this IOPS website & now ZSocial shows just what is possible. It isn’t beyond the realms of possibility to rival these internet giants & build an alternative world.

But just what is the functionality required?

I’ve come up with these key areas:

1.    Social Networking

2.    Entertainment

3.    Personal Organisation

4.    Education

5.    Sharing

Social networking is all important. This breaks down into:

1.    1 to Many

a.     Short Messages

b.    Articles (Blogs)

c.      Photos

d.    Speaking (like Skype)

2.    1 to 1

a.     Short Messages

b.    Speaking

3.    Groups

a.     Short Messages

b.    Articles

c.      Events

d.    Video

e.     Newsletters

4.    Public Notices (by interest & by geography)

a.     Short Messages

b.    Articles

c.      Events

d.    Video

ZSocial has embarked on this route, most impressively.

Entertainment is probably the next most important area:

1.    Music

2.    Film

3.    Books

4.    Games

A site bringing together all free content & encouraging creators to make their creations available for all.

Personal organisation:

1.    Calendar

2.    Contacts

3.    Tasks

4.    Notes

5.    Photos

6.    Documents


1.    Adult to Adult

2.    Adult to Child

Can we create an alternative to mainstream schooling & universities?


1.    Land for Growing

2.    Food

3.    Shelter

4.    Travel

5.    Household Items

There’s probably many other areas to add.

All this functionality would provide a basis for the new world we seek to create. Something that will make people realise that there is an alternative way of living.

IOPS & ZSocial shows that the skills are there. Unfortunately today’s world depends upon money to purchase the resources needed, e.g. servers.

Where’s the money to come from?

Those of us in IOPS who are working could be paying a regular amount. Those not working can offer their time & energy.

A website owned by its users, providing social networking, entertainment, personal organisation, education, sharing & the ability to politically organise is really creating another world.

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  • Lambert Meertens 8th Dec 2012

    There is an IOPS website team of members that will, hopefully, take over the responsibility from the paid developers. One of the points to be decided is whether we continue developing the site on the basis of the existing code, or re-implement it from scratch. If we want to incorporate everything described above, that becomes an open-and-shut case: it will definitely be more efficient to start over.

    We all own the IOPS website, and together we should mould it to meet our needs. One of or needs is to attract more people and to project the IOPS message more clearly, and an attractive website can be an important tool. This blog somehow fits quite well with the other recent blog http://www.iopsociety.org/blog/the-cool-and-iops on attracting members.

    So let us brainstorm on what could help to make an attractive website. And let us follow the Osborn method of brainstorming: focus on generating a diversity of possibly wild and unusual ideas, while putting criticism on hold and instead expanding on and combining ideas in creative ways. (See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brainstorming.)

    • John Keeley 9th Dec 2012


      Thanks for you response.
      I think we need to brainstorm & think about where we are going.

      I wasn't just concerned about making the IOPS site more attractive & more appealling, I was arguing that we should be creating another world now by making use of the web.
      Actually creating another world, not just trying to get people to join IOPS.

      We all know that people are sceptical of politics.
      Many can see no alternative.
      Many may agree with our vision but are more concerned about living their lives in the day to day struggle.
      But if we can meet people's on-line needs (the functionality list in my post) then we will get people creating another world that's not based upon profit now.
      Some of these people will go on to political activism, many will not.
      But even those who don't will actually be doing something even if it's sharing land in their back garden with neighbours to grow food.

      Whether this means combining IOPS & ZSocial into one website is for further discussion.

      It might be we have a website called something like creatinganotherworld.org

      When people go to it they see the following choices:

      1. Social (as in social networking a la ZSocial)
      2. Personal (calendar, contacts, tasks, photos, etc)
      3. Entertainment (music, films, books, games)
      4. Education
      5. Sharing
      6. ParSoc (IOPS + the future administration of society)

      It's a grand vision, but if we really want to change the world we need to aim high.

    • Lambert Meertens 9th Dec 2012

      I think I understand what you are trying to achieve. The way you describe it it sounds like the form you have in mind is what is called a portal. In my mind all this is not partitioned into separate boxes. Creating Another World would not be a bad name for our organization. (See also http://www.iopsociety.org/forum/strategy/name-for-our-organization.) It's not all about society and the future, it's as least as much about community and now. Creating a better tomorrow, together, right now, simply by coming together and listening to each other and supporting each other.

      I think the IOPS site could (and should) be the go-to place for people seeking to create another world.

    • John Keeley 10th Dec 2012

      To finance this I suggest members are encouraged to pay regular subscriptions, but not compulsory.

      When people join they are automatically added to their local chapter. Many will ignore the ParSoc (IOPS) part & can use the rest of the site for free (or a set amount of space for free, & then have to pay for more). But by having membership secretaries at the different geographical levels we can encourage people to make payments.

      This approach will mean more exposure to ParSoc (IOPS) & more involvement.

    • Preeti Kaur 13th Dec 2012

      Thanks for this John - I am in favour of the idea of members paying dues on a sliding scale!

  • Lambert Meertens 8th Dec 2012

    Some time ago I scribbled some notes to myself about enhancing what I called "site appeal". They are more about look and, especially, feel than about functionality. They are somewhat cryptic, but the idea will come across.

    Site appeal: emphasize
    1) inclusiveness / for everyone
    2) bottom-up / grassroots / oriented towards community building
    3) playful / lighthearted
    4) dynamic / exciting

    If I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your revolution — Emma Goldman
    (Yes, I know she did not use these actual words.)

  • Caleb James 8th Dec 2012

    I think you should hold community centered events for the education of people on the basis of a participatory society, not conventions, but rather lectures/workshops/seminars etc. If they are done in multiple chapters and advertised well, the site would soar. Hope this helps...

    • John Keeley 9th Dec 2012


      This ties in with the proposal to read Fanfare collectively through publishing bits at a time on the website & holding meetings as locally as possible to discuss.

      It didn't attract widespread support & it's really been left to local chapters to organise themselves at their own pace. The worry is many of those members in non-active chapters (the vast majority?) will drift away.

      There is a need to have something that keeps people active & participating. This is the bigger vision that of a single website that caters for most on-line needs. A website owned by the users for the users & run by the users.

  • Lambert Meertens 9th Dec 2012

    I enjoy watching TED lectures on topics I find interesting, and usually I learn something from them. It would be cool (and not require excessive resources) if we had lectures on topics of interest to IOPS members and sympathizers (e.g. Basic Income, or History and Development of Anarchism, or Guerilla Gardening) by people who can deliver a good presentation. While not directly interactive, the page with the presentation can offer room for discussing the contents.

  • Lambert Meertens 14th Dec 2012

    Have you seen the videos of Anarchopac: http://www.youtube.com/user/anarchopac ? Simple, but (at least for me) quite effective.

  • stephen lawton 16th Dec 2012

    Lambert that young man is fantastic and yes I agree simple but very effective. Do you know who the Stephan is he is arguing with?

    We could post videos that are topical by young and female members of IOPS and people like me could post stuff for the older generations. For example I'm active in the "Save our NHS Campaign" the group I'm active with are all over 50 but they are off their butts changing things. We could be "the go to place" to see what is happening in our community, local networking.

  • Lambert Meertens 25th Dec 2012

    IOPS member David Dominic was inspired by Anarchopac and has set up a youtube channel of his own: http://www.youtube.com/user/DavidDominic3. Thus far there is a two-part "Introduction to socialism" which aims at unravelling the various partly contradictory uses of the terms "communism" and "socialism" and should be of interest to our membership.