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Checking in

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hey friends, just a hope that you and your peoples are doing alright.  

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  • Bat Chainpuller 24th Mar 2017

    Hi Perry,

    Kind of sick of all this stuff at the moment. Trying to remove myself from its suffocating spell. Want to get back to stuff I enjoy...this revolutionary politics plays havoc with your state of mind and affects relationships. Reading Jack Wright's The Free Musics only published this year. Ah, like a breath of fresh air. There is still a connection with revolutionary politics but it's not so overt and the revolutionary nature of free improvisation is usually completely overlooked by revolutionary movements in favour of music far more easily absorbed (for short attention spans) and musicians who often, touted as revolutionary figures who in reality are anything but.

    Lost enthusiasm reading through Micharl Albert's latest effort at participatory publishing. As per usual no-one is interested and as per usual Michael is probably a little perplexed by the lack of participation.

    Yeah, waning enthusiasm at moment and trying to embrace it and just shut the shit out because I'm pretty much tired of it all and nothing much inspires. I get emails from all these places, Simplicity Institute, Next System Project, Doing it Ourselves and they do nothing to lift me...more tiring, depressing and make me feel lonely. Want to get back to music...that kind of loneliness I can handle...it comes without all the fucked up politics and I'm creating something even if only of value to me.

    But I know I will never really leave this place, this kind of political space...too embedded...this is probably just a phase.


  • . 13th May 2017

    Cheers, Bat,

    Thanks for checking in and I'm sorry for the super delayed response. It's good to have some way to recharge one's batteries after the burnout. I try to keep up with the new blog posts on the site and appreciate you all keeping the conversation going forward. And it sucks when to have to give up on discussing politics / news with the most important people in my life.

    I just keep busy and I'm working on my first retaining wall which I want to make out of bottle bricks which are plastic and glass drink bottles stuffed with all the plasticky things that can't be recycled.
    None of that really directly addresses the problem of the intensely toxic ideological pollution that's now oozing from the city on the hill. fuck this and fuck that. fuckety fuck fuck fuck.

    Well, one day at a time.