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Call for Candidates for the Adjudication Committee

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The task of the adjudication committee is to ensure an orderly process for conflict resolution.

The committee can hear parties in a conflict, consult other members, and issue a binding ruling. Hopefully, it will not need to come in action more than once or twice a year. It will set its own rules and procedures, which may be fairly informal, but should aim for the following:

  1. Any IOPS member may bring a case, whether they are personally involved in the presumed conflict or not.
  2. Committee members who may have a conflict of interest should recuse themselves; their place will be taken by the next available reserve member.
  3. The committee may decide not to hear a case.
  4. To the extent in which this is not personally harmful to individuals, the committee’s deliberations are held openly, that is, with a record that is accessible to anyone who is interested.
  5. The committee aims at fairness and consistency in its procedures and rulings.
  6. The committee aims at the mildest remedies that are likely to resolve the conflict.

For this mandated role there are 8 potential slots to fill: 5 primary and 3 reserve adjudicators. The reserve adjudicators are tasked with taking over from primary adjudicators when circumstances require. All are selected for a term of one year.

Adjudicators cannot at the same time be financial team members.

Members who are willing to volunteer for this task are invited to announce their availability by posting a statement to that effect as a comment below. Please also add some information that may be helpful to the membership in making a selection, such as how you hope to fulfill the role. Candidates can also indicate that they are only available for the reserve role.

Two weeks after this call was posted, a vote will be held for selecting the primary and reserve roles. 


Update (Tuesday 3rd Jan 2016)

So far six members have volunteered for a primary position on the committee:

  • Howard Goldson
  • Claire Bruhn
  • Ann Ferguson
  • Joe McKay
  • Matic Primc
  • Verena Stresing

and three for a reserve position:

  • Sarah Owens
  • %
  • Kathryn Kang

Discussion 14 Comments

  • Howard Goldson 24th Dec 2016

    I am volunteering for this committee. I am a retired attorney who practiced law in the State of New York for 50 years. I have extensive experience with mediation and arbitration processes. I am also an unprofessional philosopher with an interest is justice and governance.

  • Howard Goldson 24th Dec 2016

    Oops, Nonprofessional would have been a better choice of word.

  • Claire Bruhn 24th Dec 2016

    I am also volunteering to be considered for the committee. I enjoy mediating and conflict resolution and will try to bring a balanced perspective to the committee.

  • Sarah Owens 26th Dec 2016

    I am willing to serve in the role of reserve adjudicator, with the understanding that if there are not enough volunteers to fill the primaries, I'm toast. I am licensed to practice law in North Carolina and Oregon, with experience in civil litigation and administrative process. I've been a member since the early days, but not the beginning. I'm not much of a radical compared to most of the membership, and might even be considered authoritarian by some of them, although Kim Keyser has said my politics are "good."

    • Bat Chainpuller 26th Dec 2016

      And Kim's from Viking territory!

    • Sarah Owens 26th Dec 2016

      and? (you are so strange)

    • Bat Chainpuller 26th Dec 2016

      And nothing...a red herring? Some sort of comedic response to a subtly humorous comment of yours that made me giggle? Surely we're all strange.

    • Sarah Owens 27th Dec 2016

      nOT.liKe.u. smiley viking face

  • Ann Ferguson 26th Dec 2016

    I will volunteer to be on the committee. I am a retired professor of philosophy and women, gender, sexuality studies. I dont have any formal training or experience with mediation but I think I am good at getting people who are at odds to compromise in order to reach agreement.

  • Kathryn Kang 27th Dec 2016

    I volunteer to serve in a reserve position on the committee. I'm a retired statistician, and a lifelong avid reader of English literature and philosophical works. I do not have academic qualifications involving conflict resolution, nor have I held any paid positions involving conflict resolution. However, I have been intensively involved in conflict resolution over the past several years within my extended family.

  • Joe McKay 28th Dec 2016

    I am interested in serving on the adjudication committee. My have a prior background as an elected trade union official and a current role of promoting peacemaking & dialogue in a multi-cultural/religious & multi lingual environment.Have some formal training in looking at issues from different philosophical/religious frameworks.(University of Divinity, Melb.) Resident in Melbourne, Australia.

  • Matic Primc 1st Jan 2017

    I would like to be considered for the adjudication committee. My experience in conflict resolution lies with years of activism primarily in self governed horizontal organizations. Am also a skilled moderator/mediator.

  • Verena Stresing 3rd Jan 2017

    Hi everyone, although so far there are just enough members who have volunteered to fill the open positions, Lambert has encouraged me to volunteer as well, as it couldn't hurt to have a couple of extra hands. So therefore I am also volunteering for this committee.
    I am a scientist by training, but have recently become an intercultural consultant and business trainer. Mediation and conflict resolution are part of this job, although to be perfectly open, this is the part I am still newest to. However, I am a skilled moderator and have a lot of international and intercultural experience, including intercultural communication, negotiation and collaboration.

  • Lambert Meertens 7th Jan 2017

    The list of candidates is now fixed, and the poll for the selection procedure is now open.

    During the selection process this blog post can be used for asking the candidates any questions.