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The universal exchange unit

Project Information
Created on: 3rd March 2014

Something like Prolegomena but shorter

The history of money is well described in various sources some of which are published online. Before writing down this few lines we have checked only the wikipedia definition. And we are quoting it for you here trying to safe you a minute:

"Money is any object or record that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts in a given socio-economic context or country."

But we realized we would like to have a definition slightly different from the above definition and it is:

"Money is the equivalent of goods and services currently existing in a given society or country".

And because of this slight difference in the perception we have thought it is the right time to begin reconsidering and reinventing one of the most stable and vital subjects or phenomena in the human history. That is the main goal of the project.

We are starting it with great hope of its theoretical success and with very little hope in its further implementation and fair use. But because we think the only right thing to do is to begin and continue the efforts and to do this in public we invite everyone interested in this matter to participate in the project.  



The Universal exchange unit or UEU can be easily described as a mathematical equivalent of the goods and services presented in a Universal goods and services vault or UGSV.

Although the EUE derives from money it could not be defined as "money" or "currency" for several reasons: 

  • It is not used widely
  • It has no equivalent in gold or other precious substance
  • It is not received as payment by any official authority worldwide
  • It has no relation, connection, dependency or exchange rate with any national currency
  • It is not issued and regulated by any internationally recognized organization or state
  • It cannot be used as a method for repaying debts
  • It cannot exceed the total amount of existing goods and services in the system that uses it (society, country, region, group of people, virtual community and so on).


Of course it needs some clarifications and development of the definitions in respect of what the UEU is not. But more important remains what the UEU is and for which purposes it could be used. And as we are trying to stay very focused we offer a modest and short definition not because we are afraid of the logorrhea itself but because we think as shorter and more clear is the definition of UEU as quicker and more efficient the development could be. Inventing of its mathematical rules and formulae, analyzing its social advantages and practical implementations are some of the milestones. Again as in the definition the UEU has as its basic purposes to:

  • Measure the existing goods and services in the system which uses it
  • Allow the exchange of existing goods and services in the system



Proposed aspects and stages of the developing process

  • Organizing people and resources
  • Developing the mathematical rules (formulae) of the UEU 
  • Developing the mathematical rules (formulae) for the assessment of the existing goods and services in the UGSV
  • Developing the mathematical connection and dependencies between UEU and UGSV
  • Performing series of theoretical checks and practical tests of the developed rules
  • Defining the appropriate usage of UEU and UGSV
  • Defining the ways and the rules of the UEU and UGSV protective mechanisms and protective bodies and organizations
  • Performing research on sociological and psychological impact
  • Performing research on economic opportunities for the unemployed and poor person. 
  • IT dependencies, tools, practices and needs
  • Reassessment
  • Name, plural, abbreviation 
  • Initial implementation
  • Analyzing of the first results and the initial impact 
  • Constant support and development. 


The first and the second stage are ongoing. More stages can be added in any moment. Please feel free to comment, criticise and join. Please think if you have friends or you know someone who can be interested in such a project. 





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