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Trip to Earthship Zwolle, Netherlands

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Created on: 29th May 2012

A house that provides you with near-fully financial independence, water, electricity, and food. Too good to be true? Let's find out!

Together with some interested souls from the Global Change/12M movement, we'll be visiting Earthship Zwolle, located in the Netherlands. This way we can take a look with our own eyes, and see what the fuzz is about.

If we like what we see, several people are already interested in collectively buying building ground, and there is a project at Earthship Belgium with similar goals. An opportunity to join forces between IOPS Belgium, Earthship Belgium, and the Global Change/12M people, to get the freedom we need to take on the task at hand in our own lives, whether it's (full-time) activism, personal freedom, providing an example of how we can "plant the seeds of the future today", truly make a difference in ecological terms, or all of the above!

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