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Belgium meeting in Antwerpen (09th November)

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The second Belgium IOPS meeting was organized in Antwerpen on November 09th, 2014. It was held in a beautiful middle-class restaurant near the Central Train station. We were four of us, NicolasSebastienTeemu and myself. 

The agenda was agreed more than a week before the meeting. And I have to say Sebastian has done a great job preparing a small computer presentation according to the agenda. Presentation of the members, IOPS and ParEcon basics... I'm sure he will share it for the purposes of the initial organizing of new chapters. 

Lately we've discussed the possibilities to distinct one project and to start an active work on it trying to organize the chapter not theoretically but through a project. Meaning to face practical issues working on a project. What could be a better way to get know each other and to prove the chapter is alive and able to analyze, plan and act? 

The next meeting was set for Nov. 23th trying for first time to have a virtual meeting via Skype. Lately we will try to replace the media with relevant open source analog. It can’t replace the real meetings but will allow us to have more effective communication channels. The main purpose of this skype meeting is to give the opportunity to the members to propose and discuss several project that have potential to be realized by the Belgium chapter.

I was really clad we've managed to disturb the afternoon of a few common visitors from the tables around discussing social issues.  

Nov. 23th, 18.00. Skype meeting. Everyone of the members is invited to take part. Send a skype request to the skype user alexanderandrov and we will get in touch before the meeting.  

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  • Johannes 19th Nov 2014

    Very happy to hear about this! Please keep us up to date!