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Young greek anarchist in hunger strike because permission to study refused

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Maybe as anarchists we can sign the petition in support of this young greek imprisoned man who is not permiitted to study . http://www.thepetitionsite.com/126/592/345/education-to-the-revolutionary-anarchist-nikos-romanos/ . It seems to be a month of very high tension in Athens and Grece maybe of historical significance. nevivonspluscommedesesclaves.net/spip.php?article54

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  • Alex of... 8th Dec 2014

    can you please give a larger summary of the reasons behind this petition.

    also, there should be a an area for petitions and direct actions on IOPS, other than needing to use a blog. not directed at you, Bernard, of course. just an organizational issue.

  • Bernard Meijfroidt 11th Dec 2014

    After a month on hunger strike and weeks of solidarity protests, the anarchist prisoner Nikos Romanos is finally granted his demands by the government.http://roarmag.org/2014/12/nikos-romanos-hunger-strike-victory/ This article might answer your question . I agree with you that there should be a separate area for petitions and actions on the website .