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Op de laatste (intussen al lang geleden)vergadering werd besloten tot een periodieke (maandelijkse) vergadering , er werden verschillende thema's naar voor gebracht voor toekomstig overleg enz. Maar om mij onduidelijke redenen is er sindsdien…

The secure and the dipossessed

This is an audio from last years book launch in London about how the military and corporations are shaping a climate-changed world . I recommend the book and it is still an instructive talk .https://soundcloud.com/free-word/the-secure-and-the-dispossessed…

Verzet tegen handelsverdragen

Het lijkt me dat we als leden van een organisatie die streeft naar een participatorische samenleving het verzet tegen de op handen zijnde en reeds geratificeerde handelsverdragen moeten ondersteunen bijtreden of organiseren. www.mo.be/opinie/crta-ttip-ttp-tisa-de-politieke-consequenties-van-een-mondiale-verdragsspaghettihttp://www.climate-express.be/blog/2016/10/20/stop-ttip-ceta-verslag-actiedag-20-september-en-komende-acties/http://bit.ly/stopfoutehandel https://www.tni.org/en/publication/investment-court-system-put-to-the-test https://www.tni.org/en/publication/ceta-trading-away-democracy-2016-versionhttps://corporateeurope.org/international-trade/2016/10/great-ceta-swindle 

Young greek anarchist in hunger strike because permission to study refused

Maybe as anarchists we can sign the petition in support of this young greek imprisoned man who is not permiitted to study . www.thepetitionsite.com/126/592/345/education-to-the-revolutionary-anarchist-nikos-romanos/ . It seems to be a month…

Hart tegen hard

Deze actie lijkt me niet in strijd met de iops doelstellingen(?). Misschien kunnen we dit ondertekenen , individueel of als organisatie ? www.hartbovenhard.be  

Thoughts and Deeds 5: Organization!?

This is part five of a six part interview. It deals mainly with the IOPS experience. As to the other parts, they will be linked, below, as they are published…  Thoughts & Deeds 1: RevolutionThoughts & Deeds 2: PerspectivesThoughts…

Thoughts & Deeds 4: Winning

This is part four of a six part interview. It deals mostly with issues of vision and strategy and their role in winning change.  As to the other parts, they will be linked, below, as they are published… Thoughts & Deeds 1: Revolution…

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The universal exchange unit

Something like Prolegomena but shorter The history of money is well described in various sources some of which are published online. Before writing down this few lines we have checked only the wikipedia…

Occupy Theory Audiobook

Project designed to provide readers with a lack of time yet another way of enjoying the books "Occupy Theory" and "Occupy Vision".

Trip to Earthship Zwolle, Netherlands

A house that provides you with near-fully financial independence, water, electricity, and food. Too good to be true? Let's find out! Together with some interested souls from the Global Change/12M movement,…

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Flanders, Belgium

Founded: 11th Oct 2015

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Belgium meeting in Antwerpen (09th November)

  The second Belgium IOPS meeting was organized in Antwerpen on November 09th, 2014. It was held in a beautiful middle-class restaurant near the Central Train station. We were four of us, Nicolas, Sebastien, Teemu and…

Imminent IOPS Belgium Meeting

On July 9th  2014 at 20:36, the first steps were set to organise a national meeting for all IOPS Belgium members. An email has been sent to the whole membership, asking for suitable dates that could be chosen for members to attend. For…

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