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Rally / Permanent Breakfast in solidarity with the Pizzeria Anarchia in Vienna, Austria

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Last Sunday we met for a ralley for an occupied house in Vienna, Austria, the Pizzeria Anarchia which is in great danger to get evicted, for a right to habitat and against capitalist housing market in general.

As soon as we met in a park for that it started to rain, so we sought shelter in a tunnel. Cause it didn´t stoped after some minutes we built up our table, hung up our banner, and started to eat our food and distrubute flyer to pedestrians from ourselves and from the Pizzeria, at this place. After the weather got better we moved to an alley in the park.

After this action we had a good feeling for showing solidarity, distributing left information material and outdaring the weather.


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  • Johannes 16th Jul 2014

    Very worthy cause! I think it's very important to show solidarity with inspiring projects among the broader left, even if they have their faults (who doesn't).

  • Ian R. 26th Aug 2014

    Thank you for sharing this event. It´s important to show that IOPS members are actually involved in local struggles.