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European Days of Action

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IOPS Dublin and IOPS Vienna have joined forces with social movement activists, altermondialists, migrants, precarious and industry workers, party members, unionists and many others in order to organize a series of decentralized actions all over Europe, starting on 15 May, the anniversary of the Spanish 15-M Movement, and ending on 25 May, the end of the elections to the European Parliament. Our common theme is Solidarity beyond Borders – Building Democracy from Below, which involves the following objectives.

Build Democracy!

In times of crisis, we are told, there is no alternative to austerity. Yet big banks are bailed out with billions of Euros while ordinary people pay, suffer and die. Serving their corporate masters, the governments cut social spending and redistribute the remaining wealth from poor to rich. The crisis cannot be solved by more neoliberal adjustments. Capitalism is the crisis. It divides rich and poor, migrants and citizens, even citizens and citizens, and exploits our creative and productive forces for profit. Is it freedom to choose between precarity and unemployment? Let us start building real political and economic democracy from the ground up!

Take the Commons!

The wealth we create through our own social cooperation is being expropriated. The extraction of the wealth of our planet is destroying our very livelihood. We all face the consequences of climate change, loss of biodiversity, hazardous waste and pollution. Our basis for social reproduction, including care work, housing and education, are objects of speculation. Internal borders are intensified by privatization and economic and social exclusion. Instead of closing hospitals, kicking people out of their homes and social initiatives out of their spaces, it’s time to organize and take back what is ours!

Struggle in Solidarity!

Millions of women and men in Europe migrate or flee from their homes looking for better lives. Meanwhile the European Union militarizes its borders. Migrants are forced into social subordination, illegality, detention and deportation in order to capitalize their workforce. The extraction of wealth is built upon institutional discrimination and the exploitation of the European peripheries by the centers. State institutions and governments use prejudices and create fear to obtain privileges. Discriminatory attitudes are fueled by the economic crisis. Right-wing parties are on the rise once again. Our fears are exploited in order to divide and weaken us. However, our lives and struggles are deeply connected. Active solidarity means struggling for everyones rights – everywhere. It’s time to overcome what divides us and struggle in solidarity for our common goals and values!

IOPS Dublin and IOPS Vienna

All participants of the European days of action are encouraged to find their own ways to approach the issues they care about as well as ways to address them, in relation to our consciously broad, overarching theme. IOPS Dublin is currently planning their participation in an upcoming book fair, also in order to promote the European days of action, and discussing which topic they will pursue and how they will address it. Together with other groups and individuals IOPS Vienna organizes a transnational meeting focusing on care work on 17 and 18 May in Vienna. Groups and individuals especially from Slovenia, Slovakia and Austria are invited to establish connections, share their experiences and exchange their ideas. A public action is also being planed in order to make the issues in relation to so called housework, reproductive work, home care, health care, child care, elderly care, care for friends and family and so on, more visible.

Call to Action

The reason why we write to you is because we want other European IOPS chapters to join in and participate in the European days of action as well. This is an opportunity for us to inspire our members and to show others that we are more than a mere online community. Our hope is that you will seize this opportunity and join the cause!

This blog was co-authored by members of IOPS Dublin and IOPS Vienna. For further information, please visit: mayofsolidarity.org

Discussion 10 Comments

  • Jon Doe 31st Mar 2014

    this looks great! glad to see it happening.

    • Johannes 31st Mar 2014

      Happy to see your enthusiasm! Although I assume you will not be able to participate unless you will be in Europe around that time!?

  • Lambert Meertens 31st Mar 2014

    Would it be possible to connect this with the Freedom not Frontex march to Brussels?

    See also this vimeo video and the facebook event page.

    • Johannes 1st Apr 2014

      I'm not entirely sure but I think they may have been approached already. Certainly fits in perfectly with the overarching theme. Are you involved yourself?

    • Lambert Meertens 1st Apr 2014

      A group I'm involved in is participating in efforts to mobilize for the march among people in the Netherlands (see http://freedomnotfrontex.nl/). I'll be travelling during much of April and May, so I don't think I can personally contribute much to these specific efforts, but in general I think it is a good idea for IOPS to support existing actions that are in line with our mission whenever possible.

    • Johannes 2nd Apr 2014

      I couldn't agree more. I sent you some details how we could proceed in order to connect those initiatives. Very glad to see that happening!

  • Kim Keyser 1st Apr 2014

    I guess the bookfair IOPS Dublin will be participating in is The Anarchist Bookfair, which is organized by the WSM? I like WSM. It's one of the more constructive and consistent anarchist groups around. I hope it goes well!

  • Shuyu 4th Apr 2014

    Although I'm so far away from Europe, I'm still very happy to know this invigorating news and to see IOPS's goal is putting into action!Firmly support it and strongly believe you will do a good job!Focus continuously...

  • Lizzie Meade 2nd May 2014

    Just a quick update from the Dublin chapter in relation to our event in May.

    At our meeting last Wednesday evening we decided that we would try to do something on the occasion of the opening of the new Rosie Hackett bridge on May 20.


    The general idea is to celebrate Rosie's ideals and to present IOPS as an organisation that embodies those ideals in the 21st century.

    Our chapter is currently working on a leaflet for the event and we also have IOPS information flyers left over from the book fair that we can distribute. We chose this event as we liked the idea of doing something positive and showing solidarity with the long tradition of labour struggle whilst representing a contemporary alternative vision that is carrying on that tradition.

    It was the centenary of the Dublin Lockout last year and many different groups and political organisations were involved in remembering and celebrating the event, whilst supporting austerity and cuts to workers rights today. We hope that by being present at the event we will not only represent IOPS vision, but also reveal the hypocrisy of those groups who commemorate such historical events whilst, in the present, perpetuating the very oppression that those workers were fighting against.