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Created on: 21st May 2013

[ Question about IOPS LOGO ]                  

(1) Implication: International + Organization + Participatory + Society =    

(2) Visual: As an image, does the existing logo have charisma getting for people’s attention?  

(3) Difference: The difference between IOPS's logo and any other commercial logo?

What is definition of the logo?

Logo have few Key words: property, cohesiveness, symbolic. Logo’s history started with the branding of domestic animals, the images on coin’s, religious symbols, and insignia for war. And for now, logos are very common in the commercial world. Because one strength of the logo is to divide ‘us’ and ‘them’. (like my cow, our army, our religion and our company)  As much as community wants to come together, logo’s symbolic power to become strong.

How can we make a participatory logo?

Usually, logos are made by trained designer and high position people of the group. And say to other people.-‘This is our logo, our product or thinking. The logo means ‘that is our property.’ We can turn this idea upside down. The logo is for participate society. Than it can made by not only IOPS, also other people’s ideas. And logo should be easily used by any people...

What can we achieve from this creation?

+ Visual effect = the logo for IOPS can be visually more nice.
+ An example of participation = it can be made by people who is out side of IOPS.
+ Spread awareness of IOPS = We can show IOPS’s exist to Melbourne people.
+ We can use the extra images that people create for many other purpose.


Practical plan

Set up a table in the street and invite members of the community to draw images and symbols that come to their mind when they hear the word 'participation'. In this way, we can involve the community, spread some information about IOPS to interested people and gather images inspired by the collective mind. I have experience as a street performer and communicaiton artist, and supprisingly many people are willing to engage and participate in projects like this. I think it can be a fun and productive event.

We can then take these images, choose the best one, or ones, and then remake them into a potential logo. Then, we can upload it to the international page and where Tim is going to start a competition for any member to make a new logo. Then, based on our community are project, we can put in an entry to the international page and possibly create a new and better IOPS logo!

So, if you would like to help in this project, let's get in contact! The plan is to set up for two days, Saturday and Sunday of the weekend after next (see below) in a couple of different places. I would like some help explaining to people what IOPS is and anyone is welcome to join.


When: 1,Jun (sat) 12:00am~5:00pm  

           2,Jun (sun) 11:00am~2:00pm

Where: Start at Flinders Street Station


This is the beginning of a conversation. Anything can be changed, so if you have any good idea please reply!


==================================Other information


(1) Get idea from people on the street : People can choose a small colour paper, with maximum 3 colors of oil pastels. And draw simple image for the word  “participation”. Attach on the paper to the below 2D globe  

(or somewhere else, if anyone's a better idea...Feel free to reply!).


Example 1: Mozic globe - size: about 90x90cm

- Take photographs of the participatory logo making process.
- Give IOPS information to people who are interested.

(2) We will find many interesting images and mix them with our ideas.

(3) Upload some logo images to IOPS web page with process photos of logo participation   
     design. We can use people’s work to another purpose.



See you soon! :)

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