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Six, No, TEN, More For Your Tired Little Eyes!

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Six, no, TEN, more visions from the NSP competition, if, to echo Peter's sentiments, anyone can be bothered. And sureley they can be, or you can be or someone...I haven't been bothered to read the little buggers...I mean who IS reading all this stuff and who's analysing it all...my mum and sisters certainly aren't, nor my wife and daughters...nor my friggin' boss/friend or anyone else I may know...like musos of various sorts...It's all boring as batshit and American anyway so it probably doesn't apply down here. I wasn't gonna post this stuff this time but...

Here       it       all          is       anyway.

Go here...http://www.thenextsystem.org/announcing-the-winners-in-our-essay-competition/?mc_cid=70c8d12e5e&mc_eid=862269f537

Or here...http://www.thenextsystem.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Sharma_UndergraduateFirst.pdf





and here...http://www.thenextsystem.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Dauncey_AtLargeSecond.pdf


Bloody hell I forgot these four buggers that arrived a week earlier than the competition winners. Friggin' forgot them. I mean really.... Aren't you lucky I remembered. Probably read them all already, huh? Your all such an  enthusiastic bunch. The third one is just terrific because it outlines a joyful economy...go to it people!





But it may be more fun listening to this little morsel of ear splitting rubbish...ah yes, the electric universe VS the BIG BANG! Sink your ears into this aural plasma.


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  • Rod 2nd Jun 2017

    Yes, it's a little much to read. Though in their defense it's probably not aimed at the general audience. I think the idea is to try to synthesize the best ideas into one framework, if i remember correctly. We'll have to wait and see if they have any success at that. I think it's a nice experiment, but as with all experiments it's unsure if anything of value will come out of it. Kind of like with iops...

    It seems to me we need a movement that attacks societies problems from all sides and is able to integrate separate issues into an interlinked model that can be simplified enough so that it doesn't take ages to understand the model on a basic level. This is sort of an attempt to go in that direction, though it still feels limited. The fact that they only focus on the US is not too encouraging.

    To be honest i don't really understand why the left is still so fragmented. Maybe the rightward shift in society the past centuries has affected us all and there's very little room for a real left to emerge. The left should be the voice of integration and interest of the whole to balance out that of separation and self-interest of the right. We've had this powerful tool for integration called the internet for 20 years now and very little seems to have been developed. The internet has become segragated into niches as a result, including the left's presence. Not sure if we can overcome that but it seems essential to real progress.

    Just my 2 cents...

    • Bat Chainpuller 2nd Jun 2017

      Yeah, it's interesting Rod, this media/internet thing. IOPS failed (along with all the other internet ideas Albert has concocted...which is not a criticism but merely a pointing out of fact, at least so far), but in some sense so did Occupy, which was kind of the opposite thing...face to face organising. And most radicals on the left speak of the need for mass movements and coming together yet one doesn't see much effort to really make that work...nor good suggestions as to how to other than saying repeatedly, ORGANISE...and I mean effort from experienced folk not those like myself. And if it is happening, where is it happening. I mean, one example of not coming together in a sense is that Z doesn't publish any of the visions or economic ideas that the NSP publishes even though Albert signed up and they did publish his essay on Parecon eventually. Even if Z had a fundamental disagreement with the some or many of the ideas and visions, why not publish them and try and spark more discussion along those lines (thereby getting the plethora of Trump shit off the screens...for fucksake) or try and move aspects of the NSP into areas that Z felt needed more attention (classlessness, balanced job complexes, market debates, remuneration and a move towards real participatory planning). At least maybe discussion could be started around that sort of stuff and it would show solidarity between the two. IOPS could be used in the same way...all those who initially signed on, those of experience, could use it as a hub...they don't need to reply to every comment or even any but just publishing stuff that they would on their own blogs, or media sites here would or could garner attention (probably not because everyone's too busy doing their own thang). The net is not being used very well by the left probably.

      But again, what would I really know. I say that because I am in fact inexperienced in these matters and feel and have always kind of felt that those activists that really push the organising thing and on ground face to face stuff, must know better fir obvios reasons, so therefore, their invisibility here, at IOPS, is actually a reflection of the hard work they are doing elsewhere and I just don't know about it. ("The mass movement is there people, building and gaining momentum, you just don't know about it because we don't go on the internet much and if we do it's all coded and secretive because we don't want to give shit away to the ruling classes and stuff.")

      This is why I believe, no matter the shortcomings of the NSP, it will probably be more influential, even if that's only very very marginal. It, along with a basic income push and mainstream left/socialist political parties (see the sual culprits like Poddmos, Corbyn, Sanders and his great OR, Left Unity, Die Linke, the still going and struggling PSUV, and the like) will and will be the only way change will be affected. Such things make radical revolutionary orgs like IOPS or even OFS merely radical utopian outriders that surface every now and then but are generally ignored.

      Radical vision like Parecon will be given a tiny little office in the less frequented, occupied, and maintained darker recesses of the NSP building as a kind of token, but generally eschewed by those occupying the nicer more populated and busy areas and rooms with tons of natural light flooding through the wall to ceiling windows in favour of those ideas that offer a more reformist easy-as-you-go bent capitalist market type compromise...which also means those offering radical revolutionary vision are viewed as kind of immature recalcitrant children to be put up with, in a sense, while those offering up more common sensical gradual change reformist type vision will be granted seats at the more mature and adult section of the table, where you will probably find a head, or more father like figure, who pulls more strings and has more say in the projects direction...perhaps...I'm just thinking out loud here really. Not trying to piss anyone off...stuff I would just say in all my inexperienced ignorance on these matters. It's either that or I just remain silent and let the invisible d what they do.

  • reader 4th Jun 2017

    Thanks for sharing the essay links, great to learn more about different perspectives. They're on my reading list!

    And how kovfeffee it is to have something where we can learn about and engage 8 or 9 billion perspectives (more if you count the nonhuman participants of Earth, shoop!) in the interest of making things better for everyone and everything. It's like in the Neverending Story where the Empress has that one grain of sand and that's all that's left of Fantasia. And they had to rebuild it by imagining it.

    I don't always know what to do with that and I feel tired a lot of the time, like that giant jaded sneezing turtle in Neverending Story but process not product don't nobody lose heart.