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Open Meeting 2014.13? (13/07/14) - Minutes

Some urgent items requiring the groups attention are in red below. Please look at these asap. We need these finalised by 7am tomorrow. A number of titanpad docs were created and are included in the email version of the minutes.   Minutes…

Open Meeting 2014.6 (30/3/14) - Minutes

Present: Helen, Jason, Jet, Joel, Tim.   # How to improve meetings Jason suggest we could keep more actions synchronised with ad-hoc email conversations.   # 17th April: Talk with Vince Emmanuelle Theme: "War & the environment"…

Notes from SOSA Meeting 6th March

SOSA Public Meeting RMIT Theatre 12.7.2 - 6th March 2014 - Report Back by Preethi Background During the Trades Hall meeting regarding the Summary Offences and Sentencing Amendment Bill there was a lack of ongoing campaign suggestions. The meeting…

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Critical Theory Collective

Derived from the Greek words kritikos, “discern, reflect, judge” and theōria, “contemplation, speculation” critical theory represents the creative human drives to question and…

IOPS Logo Project

[ Question about IOPS LOGO ]                   (1) Implication: International + Organization + Participatory +…

Partici-opticon Film and Documentary Screenings

This project is designed for IOPS Victoria to set up regular film and documentary screening events which will be open to the public. This will serve as a way for us to encourage engagement with other…

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Woodcuts Foot-Prints: at the intersection of art and activism


Saturday, 00:00 - Mar 9 Monday, 00:00

100 Tarrango Road, Yarra Junction (Mel. Ref: 288 K10)


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Arrest Warrant Sought for Abbott, Morrison, Brandis, but High Court Australia on Trial for Usurping the Australian Constitution

VICTORY AT LAST:    https://www.facebook.com/RDAsavesROLConstitution       Scott Morrison press conference over asylum seekers held at sea   Immigration minister faces questions following Guardian Australia's exclusive…

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