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Constitutions and Crossroads

Event Information
Date: Sunday, 18th May 2014
Time: 15:00 - 17:30
Repeating: none
Category: Meetings

Constitutions and Crossroads is a special meeting for IOPS Victoria. If you can only make one IOPS meeting a year, please make it this one. This Annual General Meeting with a more creative name has two purposes:

(1)  to quickly review our newly drafted IOPS Victoria constitution.

(2)  to create a proposal for submission to IOPS International with a view to reorganising the entire project.

A more detailed description of these two talking points can be found below. We welcome suggestions and reflections from members and non-members, and believe that a unique opportunity may be upon us.

When: Sunday the 18th of May from 3pm to 5:30pm

Where: RMIT Building 96, 17-23 Lygon St, Carlton


Group Constitution

A draft constitution has been worked on to serve as a basis for the first discussion. We invite non-members to participate in this discussion so the final document may account for concerns beyond the purview of the current membership.

A copy of this document will be sent around on Monday the 12th of May, so you can have the option of reviewing it before the meeting.

International Proposal

As you may know, IOPS began in early 2012 as an interim organisation. In May of 2013, after the organisation had gathered up a couple of thousand members, a poll was taken that would decide the preconditions for a founding convention. The deadline for the preconditions to be met is the 12th of June 2014. All signs point to the targets not being met which means the organisational model will go under review.

It is in this context that IOPS Victoria—as one of the organisation’s most active chapters—will be formulating its proposal. Informal discussions within our chapter and the broader organisation bare out a general will towards radical reconfiguration. This is a unique opportunity to reorganise the International and the website, and address how IOPS, as an organisation, can best serve the struggle for societal transformation.


Venue: RMIT - Global Cities Research Institute
Address: Building 96, 17-23 Lygon Street, Carlton
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