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Disaster Resilience TOP 50 Systems and Technologies

Project Information
Created on: 1st April 2013

MyRecovery Global Disaster Resilience Podcast

I'm re-commencing an online podcast series to identify the Worlds Best Disaster Resilience Systems and Technologies to interview their creators and team leaders in an effort to create a Global Top 50 List.

I'd like to ask IOPS members to help me scour the world to find the best of the best.

Categories of Interest:

  • Power Grid EMP Resilience Technology
  • Efficient Non-Polluting Power Generating Technologies
  • Advanced Environmental Sensor Systems and Technology
  • Advanced Satellite Technology and Launch Systems
  • Unmanned Survey Vehicles
  • Digital Mapping Systems
  • Communication Systems and Technology
  • Community Self-Coordination Systems
  • Water Purification Technology
  • Climate Specific Permaculture/Aquaculture Food Production Systems
  • High Quality Emergency Shelters
  • Advanced Health - light, vibration, dynamic magnetic fields
  • Advanced Health - Mainstream


Please suggest new Categories that you believe are relevant.

Also, if you would like to host a similar or identicle podcast in a language other than english that would also be really cool. I'm open to new ideas, offers of collaboration, decentralization, additional hosts, marketing concepts etc. so if you have an Idea or a question then speak-up and be heard :)

Below is a quick 6 minute video overview of what I have planned so far

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