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Critical Theory Collective

Project Information
Created on: 20th July 2013

Derived from the Greek words kritikos, “discern, reflect, judge” and theōria, “contemplation, speculation” critical theory represents the creative human drives to question and consider, to philosophise and strategise, to debate and dissent, to dream and scheme, to argue and understand. This process is crucially important for an activist organisation like IOPS, for it has been said that “theoretically and historically informed criticisms represent the lifeblood of all democratic political – past, present and future.”


This Critical Theory Collective is being launched by IOPS Victoria and may develop in a number of different directions, depending on the participants, with possibilities including:
-    form a study group; perhaps by reading a seminal text, discussing it together.
-    prepare a short course for the Open University
-    put on public discussions and debates

There are many other question, such as how often should we meet? When and where? Should we be open to non-members?

To kick it off, I suggest that we begin by discussing values and visions with the intention of creating a pamphlet for IOPS Victoria.

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