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Some more from the NSP (there was something just before but I kind of let it go)

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The above is something, isn't it? Probably makes sense for Americans and those with good economic knowledge...who like to read the business section of the paper. The idea, I think, because I could only get through the first few pages is that there is a better way to fund infrastructure development than the way Trump is going to. Shit, really? Whoa, pretty amazing and ground breaking.

Something about public banks, aided with low interest loans from the fed reserve or something, helping develop public infrastructure through the states, saving billions in spending and shit and probably better for the public and stuff. As opposed to Trumpian economics...who would have guessed huh? But I guess this academic or researcher didn't guess at all, she worked it all out through hard thinking and work! I guess the details are important, and I guess the policy brief is necessary, but it's American (an aspect of the Next System Project that is incredibly limiting) and kind of meaningless to me. In fact these sorts of things by their very nature put me in my place. A place that says, listen to the expert James, she knows more than you and has your interests at heart. Just let her do her job, she's smarter than thou. Read the brief, nod your head, and let her, AND US, get on with changing the world in the way we think best. Not to mention, without having read the brief, I suspect it won't be put into context or some relationship with a wider revolutionary strategy/goal and if it is, it will be some vague notion of a better future that hasn't really called into question substantial foundational economic institutions, particularly markets and remuneration. Ah, but who gives a shit. Michael Albert said to me, upon glancing over some of the stuff the NSP puts out, that they'll likely publish anything it seems.

Yesterday a customer at work, an artist, upon talking of the shit in the world said, ah, you've got to keep a smile on your face though. I replied with a loud bullshit...what with global warming, growing poverty, growing unemployment and underemployment in well off countries, no real certainty or prospects or futures for any young person coming through our fucked up education system who also can't afford rents let alone their own abode, homelessness on the rise and governments making it harder and harder for those hard up to get assistance which merely exacerbates social problems not to mention many other things...fuck the smile, I said and walked off.

The customer then reported to my employer (friend) that I was grumpy about politics. He stated quite clearly and rightly to the customer (artist), that I wasn't grumpy about politics at all. He stated that in fact, James doesn't give a shit about politics, particularly the minutiae of mainstream politics as reported by mainstream media. He just hates the fucking system, particularly market capitalism and the fucked up social behaviours and relations it gives rise to. The customer (artist) was left a little dumbfounded as if anything he had to say had been rendered useless...like he'd had the rug pulled out from under his feet. The focus of his political concerns was not a concern to me...we were talking at cross purposes, although I knew where he was coming from, he just had no idea where I was.

The Democracy Collaborative and policy briefs! Public banking versus Trump's ideas! Well fuck me, how innovative and revolutionary. Please don't waste my time with this shit, it's hard enough to get through all the other stuff without a sense of exhaustion and despair.

But keep up the neat pleated pants politics NSP, wouldn't want to frighten the workers with things revolutionary would we.

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  • Kristi Doyne-Bailey 31st Mar 2017

    while reading her alternative, i kept thinking about how it wasn't addressing global warming, classism...just keeping things going...business as usual only more palatable...
    ever the optimist, i actually sent it along to some of my friends and family (all american) with the intention that maybe it could open a little possibility of considering alternatives in general...a stepping stone maybe...?

    • Bat Chainpuller 1st Apr 2017

      Yeah, s'pose...gotta throw as much shit as possible I guess hoping something sticks. Someone's gotta be ever the optimist!

  • Kristi Doyne-Bailey 1st Apr 2017

    It's a lonely, unrewarding job...

  • Dave Jones 1st Apr 2017

    Long as they're at it, why couldn't they print up an extra trillion and send all us Americans a fat bonus! A reward for putting up with this spectacular clusterfuck- let's see, a trillion divided by 300 million- or they could use it to throw a spectacular party for the whole country, top shelf booze, bands, boutique burgers with blue cheese and kale... print now, pay later!

    • Bat Chainpuller 2nd Apr 2017

      That's called a guaranteed basic income Dave, with dignity!

    • Bat Chainpuller 2nd Apr 2017

      Actually, no dignity, it's only about three grand each.