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We are moving to a people-first economy. Join us!

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Your invitation is here.

The above invitation is from me, as the founder and CEO (i.e. nobody in particular)

Imagine it coming from someone with a profile like Noam Chomsky or Danny Glover (as Global Ambassador), who has the potential to unite the activist movement behind a single initiative that can actually bring about real change.

This project is now at a stage where we need to reach out more broadly and I was delighted to come across IOPS and have added it as a new project entitled: People-first Economy.

If you would like to participate, please join the project. Everyone is welcome.

A little bit of background.

There are discussions here and elsewhere about why the Activist movement is failing and continues to fail in bringing about much-needed change. The most succinct answer comes from a comment in a recent Guardian article about Jeremy Heiman’s new book entitled: New Power.

The commenter wrote: “Yes Decca, you're right, it is moronic. It's whipped up short termist populism that the 1% encourage because it acts as a pressure release valve on dissent and makes sure no-one has the attention span to think through a challenge to the underlying centralisation of wealth and power. Meet the New Power in service to the Old Power.”

If you haven’t already done so, check out Noam Chomsky brilliantly explaining how Donald Trump’s behaviour is all about distracting attention while solidifying the Old Power structure.

Even the most well-meaning projects like the Poor People’s Campaign will achieve little more than inadvertently reinforce Old Power. A useful distraction from the real challenge at hand.

This project is about breaking the grip of Old Power by democratizing economic power not through some sort of socialist revolution that takes State power in the name of the proletariat, but by using technology to restore the market to its rightful place as a servant of the people, not its master.

In many ways, this is the reversal of Karl Polanyi’s Great Transformation by putting people before profits.

Important distinction – we don’t have to lobby politicians, occupy anything, march on government, sign petitions or generate some #outrage. These actions, as the abovementioned commenter described, are nothing more than “pressure release valves” encouraged, supported and often funded by the 1% to ensure the power status quo.

The democratization of economic power can occur quietly and quickly with nothing more than the Activist movement getting behind this initiative.

This is the real challenge and hopefully someone like Noam Chomsky, Danny Glover or both can help unite the Activist movement in finally democratizing economic power for the benefit of all.

As I hope you can see, this is a huge project and will need lots of help in developing, refining and implementing a new economy. Initially, we will rely on volunteers working for free but as the project gains momentum will we will have funds to both cover hard costs and to remunerate project members. We all have to eat.

So, now it is over to you.



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  • Craige Cronin 6th Oct 2018

    I have such a system and the means to get to it. The revolution is quite simple. You start with a small to medium size town and treat it as a city state. This is crucial because people are more loyal to their town than their state or their nation. A social media platform just for that town is initiated and being a member is advantageous because of the systems internal cryptocurrency. I've written a book in story form for people to easily understand the upgrading of the democratic process from thereon. The plugin allows for both citizen participation and a guiding council of wise people. Local or federal government merely rubber stamps resulting decisions. It is termed B.E.S.T. Government. The philosophers are elected to counsel on Biology, Ecology, Sociology, and Technology, plus a fifth person, the Prime Leader, to ensure the breaking of deadlocks. There is an elected body taken from the free press called 'The Witness' and all complaints, suggestions, debates are filtered through this body. It's really just a simple upgrade to democracy using today's technologies, circumventing the banking system, and using a quiet grassroots revolution that includes the wise guidance of elders.