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Site Usage Policy

Rules for IOPS Blogging, Commenting, and Forum Posting

When posting a blog or a comment on a blog, or when posting to the Forum system, IOPS members are bound to abide the following rules:

-> no racist, sexist, heterosexist, classist, or other derogatory language in posts

-> no personal attacks of any sort

-> no attributing to other members motives they don't claim for themselves

-> assume the best interpretation of other member's comments - and the best motivations behind them.

-> no excessive posting of the same basic themes and contents in many places, crowding out other exchange.

-> if something that someone has posted upsets you, and seems to you contrary to IOPS norms, or out of character for the person, or for IOPS, assume it is not intended, and at most, if anything, ask for clarification - or register a complaint with the admins as per these rules.

Violations of the above rules in the eyes of other users should be brought to the attention of the site administrators, whether it is international, national, or local. When, for any one individual, a few such complaints are received, the person who is violating will be contacted by the admins, the situation explained, and an effort to agree on future correction, quietly sought. If the person is simply unwilling to comply with a compromise or otherwise continues to post in ways contrary to the rules of posting on IOPS in the eyes of other users who are complaining about it, the behavior, during this interim period lacking other options, will be reported by the admins to the ICC, and the person's exclusion from posting will be requested, and, if agreed by the ICC, it will be done.