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Abolishion of the Parasitic Shadow-Casters

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From Paris city to the parasitic.

Discussion 4 Comments

  • Lambert Meertens 7th Jun 2016

    The ful text can be found here.

    “The” university described and analyzed in the text appears to be primarily the generic North American private elite university. Much of the criticism is also valid for other elite institutions, but I’m not sure it applies equally strongly to public universities that offer basically tuition-free education. On the other hand, there is a deeper problem with the culture of academia, which extends beyond the universities.

    It seems to me that the real problem is the whole of education, starting with primary schools or even kindergarten. The whole system needs to be radically rethought and overhauled. What is wrong with the university is just the culmination of what is wrong with the educational system at large.

  • Lazy Coward 12th Jun 2016

    Shit, just been informed by Jason, that recent blogs have been posted that my goddam device was not loading. Effin' iPad. Just hit refresh if this has happened to you.